Thursday, 13 May 2010

Discover the Beauty of England With the Lake District Walks

This is all about the joys and pleasure you can receive from the north west corner of England - The lake District and discover Lake District Walks. This is a beautiful part of England that needs to be explored, and in my opinion, explored in a certain way - walking. The Lakes have a mixture of different environments and terrains that can truly contradict one another; this is also one of the main features that makes it so beautiful and pleasurable! You need to take the Lake District walks to really appreciate all the different natural differences that reside in this Amazing Place.

The Lake District is the biggest National Park in England, at 885 square miles, with up to 14 million visitors a year all coming to see its natural beauty. It has the reputation of having the biggest Mountain in England, Scafell Pike and a vast amount of Lakes and Rivers. It has 14 main lakes and the deepest being West-water at 243ft. It has 42,239 people living within the boundaries making it a loving community and a place full of cultural heritage.

Because of the scale of the lake District there is an obvious need for transport. However I believe you should explore all the park with the assets of your two legs and discover Lake District Walks. You need to be able to get to the inner parts of the park and really appreciate the beauty, get to all the lakes and just look around you at the surroundings, climb the mountains and just get away from your normal routine. It has some great wonders like the Ashgill falls. if you haven't seen this then I'll paint a picture for you - it is a huge water fall that is surrounded by forestry and green life. The water fall fills the forrest with noise and excitement making the experience even more exhilarating and the waters are clear and sparkling giving the impression of purity and beauty There is a certain walk that you can do which starts at the village hall and follows the river towards Ashgill Beck where it leads to this amazing water fall. The walk allows you to walk right behind the falls where you can stand underneath the crashing water. This is an experience that needs to be seen with your two eyes and you need to just walk there!

That is just one of the natural pleasure you can gain from taking the Lake District walks and just immersing yourself with the natural environment and habitat. There is train lines to the Lakes if you wish to leave your car behind allowing you to just step off and begin your own journey! The west coast main line runs to the east of lake District which passes through certain parts. There is also a train that goes straight from Manchester to Windermere. There are also bus services in the Lake District allowing you to travel relatively easy. Just give it a go and visit this beautiful part of England today - you wont regret it!

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