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4 greatest peaks to climb, ramble and hike

A UK hiking holiday could encompass climbing the highest peaks of all four countries in the United Kingdom, giving you an overall view of the area, and a knowledge of the geography and environment in each region. All four countries are popular destinations for holiday-makers interested in hiking and the outdoors, and reaching their peaks is well worth the effort.

Reaching the UK's Highest Peak in Scotland

Ben Nevis is the highest peak both in Scotland and in the UK, with its highest point being 1344m. Of the eight UK peaks over 1200m, this mountain range is home to three, with Ben Nevis' neighbours, Aonach Mor and Aonach Beag both falling into this group. This makes the whole region great for a UK hiking holiday, with beautiful mountain ranges covering the area.

Home to the longest and steepest hill in the whole of the UK, Ben Nevis' western and southern flanks rise about 1200m in 2km. This makes for challenging United Kingdom hiking, if you attempt to ascend the mountain from this angle. The northern side of Ben Nevis sees cliffs dropping 600m, to a corrie containing the Charles Inglis Memorial Hut, a private hut often used as a base for many of the climbing routes.

This igneous mountain range is probably the best place in Scotland if it's a walking holiday in the UK you're after, with beautiful scenery as well as challenging peaks for those looking for a more active holiday.

Welsh Walking

Wales is an enchanting area for a UK walking holiday, with many interesting birds and plants populating the country. Wales' highest peak, Snowdon, is 1085m high, and is known for being one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Shaped like a starfish, Snowdon has six ridges, each with their own characteristics and geological build.

The mountain boasts some of the most spectacular views you will see on your United Kingdom hiking experience, with a number of different scenery types. If you're willing to engage in some complicated scrambling, you have the opportunity to see glaciated valleys high up near Snowdon's peak. When standing on the actual summit, you will see ancient fossils, and interesting volcanic rock formations can be found all over the mountain.

Your UK hiking holiday will be even better, with a number of rare species of flowers and insects being found in this region. One of the most fascinating plants is the insectivorous Sundew, which traps its prey on sticky droplets before devouring them. The beautiful and rare yellow four-petalled Tormentil can also be found here, and ravens and white-bottomed wheatears soar through the skies.

Scaling Scafell Pike

England's highest peak is Scafell Pike, being 978m tall. It is situated in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, an area known for being one of the best UK walking holiday destinations. Being in such a beautiful destination, this mountain can only be great for United Kingdom hiking.

It is a very popular hiking destination on weekends, with a relatively easy route available from Wasdale Head. For a more taxing hike with exceptional scenery, the route from Seathwaite Farm is know for its beauty, and is one of the best trails for United Kingdom hiking.

Northern Ireland's Mourne Mountains

The Mourne Mountain range is home to Northern Ireland's highest peak, Slieve Donard (849m). Situated in the southeastern region of Northern Ireland, this is among the most famous mountains in the country, and an ideal place for a UK hiking holiday.

The Mournes consist of 35km of dry-stone wall, crossing a total of fifteen summits. The area is scenically very beautiful, and heather, bog cotton, harebell, heath spotted orchids and Marsh St John's wort are all found in the area. Sheep graze high in the mountain tops, and ravens, buzzards and peregrine falcons patrol the skies. With so much wildlife in the area, it is the perfect place for United Kingdom hiking.

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