Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How to select the right sleeping bag for hiking and Rambling

A lot of energetic people plan for an outdoor holiday. One of the requirements for such a trip is a sleeping bag which is as a matter of fact your first priority. It is a portable substitute for a bed. It provides all the comforts like warmth and protection from the weather. The bag also gives marginal protection against wind, rain or frost. But in inclement weather conditions like rain and snow you will need a tent or a bivouac sack as a cover. A bivouac is a light weight waterproof cover.

There are basically 2 types of bags. Firstly we have a basic sleeping bag which is in effect a square blanket which has a zipper on two sides. It can be easily folded and is easy to tote along. It can also be bound with a strap or belt. Secondly we have what is called a mummy bag so called as its shape resembles an Egyptian mummy.

A mummy bag tapers from the top (head) to the lower end (feet).Overall this type is more conducive to retention of heat. These types of bags are also especially available for women which adjust to the special contours of a woman's body.A mummy bag generally for carriage is just stuffed into a stuff sack. If you have children going along for the camping trip than you are well advised to carry a slumber bag- which is a sleeping bag for children. However a slumber bag is not for outdoor use and will need a cover. Hence a tent will be a requirement.

All campers have different needs as their bodies are different. Therefore selecting a sleeping bag is an important exercise.Before you buy one, you will have to think about your trip and where you plan to go. You will have to be aware of the terrain and type of weather you will come across during your camping holiday.

Incase you plan to travel in warm and hot weather conditions then your requirements are simpler. All you will need is a basic sleeping bag. But if you will be moving out in winter and snow and sleet may be encountered then one with more advanced features will be needed that must protect you from the vagaries of the weather.

Size and shape of the bag will have an important bearing on its comfort value. Such a bag affects the degree of warmth it can give you.In cold weather this become s a critical condition. A second factor to consider is the type of material used and also on its fill. This is important in case you are camping in the cold.

Whether your sleeping bag is made of all-natural down or whether it is composed of man-made synthetic, the choice is a significant one. In case children are going along than they will also need sleeping bags. Insure that you select the proper bag for your kid. It is an absolute necessity to have a sleeping bag designed for optimum comfort. You will be faulted if you do not select one that fits the requirements of your trek or holiday for you and your family.

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  1. Do they do double sleeping bags, I really like the idea but have never come across one before. I always hate the idea of not being able to move in a sleeping bag, although if it is really cold it is good to be snug.

    Anyway thanks for the article, not sure if I am quite in the market for a new one just yet, am gonna wait until I see a super big one!

    Just booked my camping holiday :)

    Off to do some sunny cornish caravaning. Yes I know caravaning is cheating but I do enjoy the luxury!

  2. Hi Sarah - been a while to respond on this however have beenstuck in the US because of this volcano. Hope you had a great holidays - thanks a lot for commnting