Tuesday, 9 March 2010

5 Brilliant Ideas For Your Rambling and hiking exploits

I recently participated in a two day charity hike which unfortunately was a bit more difficult than I had gambled on. During the two days, 200 other hikers and I struggled up 24 peaks in England's Lake District. I think only 30 of us finished an I spent the next couple of weeks wishing I hadn't finished and gone down to the pub like the other hikers. What made the hike more enjoyable was that several companies supplied the participants with top quality hiking gifts were used then and still are. They were a gifts that I will not be throwing away anytime soon and sincerely hope I will have them for a while. Following is a list of the gifts we all received that could work perfectly for your next promotion.

4 Pairs of Thick Socks: One company ensured with had four pairs of thick embroidered socks for the hike. If you have never gone on a long mountain hike before you may wonder why we needed so many. We wore two socks on each foot to prevent blisters. These socks were a much needed and used inexpensive gift.

Headlamps: We started each day and ended each evening in the dark. Headlamps offered us a means of hiking without the need to carry a flashlight. The headlamps on the market that I have seen offer a nice large print area for your logo and details.

First Aid Kits: There are many on the market. The kit we were supplied with was quite small but it had all the essential bandages, small knife, pliers and a whistle. Luckily, we did not need to use ours so I still have it at home today to take on my next hike.

Water Bottles: It is important to stay hydrated when you are walking for so many miles. A couple of companies gave us one liter plastic sports bottles which I still have today. The winning bottle, however, was actually a plastic bag with a straw. The bag fit nicely into our backpacks and the long straw attached to one of the straps so that you could drink the water without needing to stop and open your pack. The bag had a very large print area for personalization.

Compass: Before being allowed to participate in the two day event, we all had to participate in and pass a compass reading course. At the end of the course, we were allowed to keep the top quality compasses we were using to learn. They were printed with one of the sponsor's logos and I will keep it for years. Each time I use it, I will see the logo of the company that gave it to me. The answer to your question is yes, I have used their services since receiving their nice gift.

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