Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How and why Families hike in Alsace

The Alsace is a region with half-timbered houses, gabled roofs and chimneys. Its majestic forests and peaceful lakes are favorite spots for the hiker and the mountain-bike rider. France rentals are very popular in the Alsace region. The culture and heritage of the region can be seen in its food, clothing and products prepared by the local craftsmen.

The largest city of the Alsace region is Strasbourg, the region borders with Germany and Switzerland, there are very many German influences here and is on the eastern border of France on the west bank of the upper Rhine.

The castles offer a spectacular view across the Alsatian plain and the Vosges. These castles offer a great view on the hilltops over the vineyards and the Black Forest. Some castles are important due to their strategic location that controls the routes running between Alsace and Lorraine.

A large number of events are held in castles throughout the year. Exploring these castles gives the tourist a great experience of life in the centuries gone by. There is a lot of Roman history in the Alsace region as they occupied this region. Visitors can enjoy the waterways and outstanding sites here. The memorial sites can be visited by the tourists so as to see the architecture of the monuments and learn about its history.

The museums in the towns are the center for the collection of arts and culture where one can see the history of Alsace. The wine centers and vineyards of the region are favorites of the wine loving tourists. There are specific grapes grown in this region which result in different wines being made that are then enjoyed by the visitors. The tourists can enjoy the food of the region during their holiday trip and sip the region specific wines.

The activity holidays of the region are very entertaining and liked by visitors of all ages. The hiking & rambling in the mountains add thrill and adventure among visitors.

The horse riding can be enjoyed after taking lessons from the instructor and in some cases the instructor can accompany the rider. The cycle touring and mountain biking are liked by the people while exploring the region by themselves. The winter sports including skiing are specially organized for the tourists. The airborne sports like bungee jumping, paragliding are offered by different activity centers. The adventure parks are specially liked by the kids as they can play different games and entertain themselves there.

The wildlife parks can be walked around by the family so as a way of getting to know about the wild life of the region. The spa and fitness centers in the region help the tensed out individuals to get relieved from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. The casinos and cabarets are hot spots for the people who love gambling and dancing.

Families and couples come to the Alsace region of France to rent self catering accommodation and use it as a base to explore this beautiful region, its food, culture and historic sites.

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