Saturday, 13 March 2010

How to Trek Hike & Walk in Indian Himalayas

Are you a seasoned adventurer and planning to have a next adventure tour or an inspiring adventure fan that is searching in travel books or in internet to know and experience more about different adventure traveler's paradise located in foothills of Himalaya? India put forward Adventure Mountains of Himalayas for exhilarating and action-packed expedition for hiking, trekking or walking in India. The word 'hiking' is understood in all countries where English is spoken, but there are differences in its treatment. Walking holidays the term is used as much in UK and Ireland as hiking holidays. On the other hand American uses the term hiking. Hiking in India and Nepal is sometimes called 'trekking'. Hiking, trekking or walking, whatever you want to say, in the mountains are very effective way to get rejuvenated and can be done alone as a single trekker or in a group with many trekkers.

Trekking is an increasingly popular way that people are using to travel through the wilderness to get from one point to another on feet and walking sticks. Now a days trekking is done with the interaction with nature and local civilization. This type of trekking i.e. trekking with home stay are provided by many foreign trekking tour companies to the country like India where you can get to know different types of people but with same warmth of love for the visitors. India is blessed and acclaimed for its one of the oldest traditions in the world and in known for its age old Indian hospitality through 'Atithi Devo Bhava'. 'Atithi Devo Bhava' means that "Our guest is blessed and our visitor is God" and should be cared like a holy being.

Trekking in India offers you a memorable trekking holiday's trips that showcase not only the exquisiteness of Himalayas but also the mixture of cultures and an adventure sport experience that you can have in your lifetime.

An ultimate trekking trip has all the essentials of excitement and attraction as seekers of the uncharted fall into a journey along nature's path. India present a good range of trekking paths that assure to leave the trekkers fascinated with the understanding of the uncharted scenery paths. The almighty Himalaya located in northern India is certainly a paradise set for your adventure. This land offers the mixture of adventure opportunities and has a vibrant amazing diversity. Climbing is less enjoyable in comparison to trekking, as trekking involves stunning natural picturesque magnificence.

Any expedition in the foothills of Himalaya is one of the best ways to discover the beauty of nature. Featured with soothing beauty, and offering a vista of unsurpassable beauty, green and rugged valleys, Himalaya has its own magnificence and is filled with an abundance of the natural splendor and scenery. For all those who desire for excitement, the ambiance in this region is filled with air of secrecy and romance.

But we should also play our environmental responsibility very effectively and should follow a 'leave no trace' policy, and carry all our non-biodegradable produce off trips with us and dispose them in a liable mode.

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