Thursday, 25 March 2010

Top Hiking Tour du Mont Blanc

Hiking Tour Du Mont Blanc, France, Switzerland, Italy

The Tour Du Mont Blanc covers a distance of about 170 kilometres and takes in three countries France, Switzerland and Italy in a loop around Mont Blanc. There are valleys to walk through as well as long stretches high up in the mountains with mountain passes to cross. The first known person to walk around this area was in 1767 although it is possible that Hannibal used the pass, the Col De La Seigne when he crossed the alps with his elephants. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the mountains which have to be seen to be believed and the best way to see them is to hike the Tour Du Mont Blanc.

This hike has multiple start points but most people start at either les Houches near Chamonix in France or Courmayeur in Italy. Spectacular alpine scenery is the norm on this hiking adventure although the weather can interfere with views.

There is plenty of accommodation in mountain huts, food is also readily available when you are hiking Tour Du Mont Blanc so that the hike can be done carrying a relatively small pack. Accommodation can become booked out especially late in the day, however it can be pre-booked if required.

French is the most prominent language spoken in the Swiss and French sections of the track with Italian on the remainder. Some english is spoken however it is considered polite to attempt the local language so a knowledge of some words and phrases would be helpful.

The Tour Du Mont Blanc is normally walked in an anti-clockwise direction and you should allow seven to ten days for this hike which is classified as moderate to hard with lots of climbing and descending each day. For those that want to do a bit less walking there are some cable cars and buses that can be used at certain locations.

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